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Currently number 14 in the UK vampire suspense hot new releases chart. Bloodsuckers, gangsters, treachery and an ending you won’t see coming.

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A suicide mission with little hope of success
Anton Yoska faces a stark choice – face the gallows or work for the Vatican to procure Daylight’s Kiss – a long-lost doomsday weapon that recreates sunlight in a bottle, guaranteed to kill all bloodsucking monsters on contact. 

But he’s not the only one chasing the fabled incendiary and he quickly finds himself battling vengeful vampires, cold-blooded gangsters and rival hunters  – all of whom will stop at nothing to possess the devastating compound.

Dangers lurks everywhere, nothing is quite what it seems, and treachery and deceit threaten his every move.  But Anton Yoska is determined not to go down without a fight – and he doesn’t care who he takes to Hell with him.

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