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Jasper: Northern Grizzlies MC (Book 1) by M. Merin

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Shielding the view of the woman we picked up as he loads the backseat with his purchases, Gunner gets in the driver’s seat at the tilt of my head and gets us back on the road. With a cloth and some of the water, I start to gently wipe the dirt from her face. She whimpers a bit but seems to understand that I’m trying to help. Someone did a number on her alright; a lefty, as the right side of her face is all swollen. 

Nearly finished with her face and knowing she won’t like the next stage of my plan, I tap her on her nose. Her eyes pop open and seeing them for the first time I smile remembering the cornflowers my mother grew when I was a boy. Her eyes are the same shade of blue. 

“Darlin’? I’m gonna get you out of your shirt now,” I put my finger over her lips as she starts to protest. “You’re freezing from the rain and we both know you have more wounds for me to check.”

“No, I don’t need your help. Just drop me off,” she repeats her earlier order.

 “Too late for that, just hold still.” I unfold the blanket I had retrieved from the back, laying it partially on her. I hold her delicate hands aside with one of my large paws while I unbutton her shirt with my other hand. I look down to find her staring at me unblinking. 

“I help you, you gonna to go back to him?” I grunt out. 

She gasps, “Never. It took me long enough to get away.” Tears finally escape her eyes and she relaxes her hands, reaching for the blanket. Looking down at her creamy skin, I see two things – she was beaten with a belt that must have been sporting a large buckle and she isn’t wearing a bra. 

Her breasts are the only part of her skin that has neither a new nor fading mark. They are absolutely perfect with large rosy nipples, very erect nipples at the moment. She reaches up for the back of the seat and I help her move into a sitting position. 

Her shirt has dried into the blood from cuts on her back. Trying to figure out the best way to remove it, she makes the decision for me, yanking it down. A section on her lower back is still stuck, so I finish tearing it from her. 

“Good girl. Let’s see what I can do here, ok?” I whisper, unsure of where to start. 

“What’s your name?” she asks, holding still as I start cleaning the broken skin with a cloth. 

“Jasper, and that’s Gunner. You ready to tell me yours yet, Darlin’?” Her silence hangs between us for a few moments. 

“I’ve always been called by my middle name. I’d like to start using my first though.” I work without comment, letting her take her time. 

“Emma, I want to be Emma now,” she finally breathes out.

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