It’s time to TAKE the LEAP and get what you want! Starting TOMORROW!!!

💕❣️ February 25 ❣️💕
Kori Hart: Secretly Hers

Shaw Hart: Finding Their Rhythm

💕❣️ February 26 ❣️💕
Autum Remington: Roll Play
Ember Flint: His Curvy Chef

💕❣️ February 27 ❣️💕
MK Moore: A Bad Habit

Pixie Chica: Altared

💕❣️ February 28 ❣️💕
Loni Ree: Leaping Into Love

Barbra Campbell: Impossible Duet

💕❣️ February 29 ❣️💕
Haven Rose: Rule Breaker

Brynn Paulin: Quarterback Leap

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