♡ Series Cover Reveal ♡ Stirling Bay Series by #KimBailey ♡

Books in the Stirling Bay series (previously the Here & Now series):

Complex Kisses (Stirling Bay, book one)

Illicit Kisses (A Stirling Bay Novella)

Fairytale Kisses (Stirling Bay, book two)


Can a lost soul be saved with a kiss?

Jamie ran. 

Her lone goal was to get as far from the pain in her past as possible. Struggling as a single mom was an improvement above being trapped in a life she loathed. But now, family obligations are calling her back to her hometown where she will have no choice but to face painful truths she can’t escape. 

Eric stayed. 

Abandoning his hopes and dreams for the future, he stood by his brother’s side to help him through a debilitating illness anyway he could. Knowing every day they had together was a gift, Eric made the most of every moment and held out hope for a miracle. 

Thrown together by fate, Jamie and Eric indulge in their undeniable chemistry as a welcome reprieve from their complex lives. One that leaves Eric longing for more and Jamie no longer satisfied with solitude. But with Jamie’s habit of running from the past and Eric focused on the here and now, they might miss out on a chance at a beautiful future.


Can a kiss, or two, heal the pain of the past?

Dylan McCoy wants his life back… or so he thought. He knew he needed to do right by his son, and figured winning back his ex was the first step to making that happen.

Then, he encountered Chantel’s allure and Sean’s charming seduction.

Two unexpected encounters now have him questioning everything. Both are impossible to forget and harder still to resist. When pleasure for two turns to passion for three, Dylan finds his head spinning. Should he hold out hope for lost love to be rekindled or take a chance on an unconventional future?  


Can one unforgettable kiss turn a disheartened cynic into a hopeless romantic?

After winning his battle against cancer, Caleb Anderson believes in happy endings. Now he prides himself on living each day to the fullest, seeking adventure every chance he gets. Yet, no matter how he fills his days, he still feels incomplete.

Until he meets Zadie, with her strong will and sad eyes. With one glance his heart tells him he’s found the one. 

Zadie Fisher’s track record with relationships is littered with disappointment and heartbreak. If her past taught her anything, it’s that following her heart only leads to pain. Still, she can’t deny the unmistakable chemistry she’s found with Caleb. 

But when fate hands Zadie another unexpected blow, the news overshadows her budding hope for the future. Now it’s up to Caleb to convince her to take a chance and believe in happily ever after.

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