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One of my favourite short stories in Celebrations is One Date – A #Valentines Story. It’s fun and light.


One Date – A Valentines Story


I don’t know why I let my business partner talk me into hosting this speed dating event for Valentine’s Day. Blowing up these balloons and sticking posters up is making me sick. Love is overrated. I’ve tried and tested it and had a refund given. I feel sorry for everyone that’s coming here to find love. They’d be as well staying at home with a boxed set and a bottle of wine… or two.
I laugh.
“What’s so funny?” asks Aaron, my partner in crime.
“All of this rubbish.” I gesture around the club to everything plastered in Cupid. I feel like taking the arrow off Cupid and sticking it in every single balloon.
“To you maybe.”
“Come on, be honest. How desperate must one be if they have to attend speed dating to get a date?”
“Judgemental much?”
“I bet we’ll see old men, bald men, bad breath, spotty.” I shake my head at the thought. “If anyone succeeds and comes back in a year married, I’ll hand you my half of the club.” I roll my eyes, because it’s never going to happen.
“Deal.” Aaron holds his hand out to me.
I shake his hand without a second thought. This is a bet easily won.
“You know, Ellie, I love you like a sister, but sometimes I want to shake you. Just because you went out with a few douchebags in the past, it doesn’t mean every man is like that.”
“Are you done?”
I let a balloon go without tying it and it blows right past Aaron’s face.
“For now. I’ll just enjoy the show when that Mr Right comes along and knocks you on your arse.”
“That’s never going to happen in Glasgow, buddy. I’ll be back at six before the doors open.”
I cringe as I look at my watch and see that I have an hour to myself before this shit fest starts.
I’ve known Aaron for twelve years. We did Business Management and Hospitality Management at university. When we finished, we put our heads together to create our brand. That’s when Tropical Temptation was created. We’ve been in this club ever since, going from strength to strength.
He’s been my strength after three broken relationships. All three guys couldn’t keep it in their pants. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, and men can just go to fuck. I don’t need any man to look after me. I have a home, food on the table, a thriving business, and my trusted rubber friend B.O.B.
That’s all I need in my life.
I just hope Aaron gives up on my love life like I did a long time ago… because it’s never going to happen.

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