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This Valentine’s Day Cupid is going to Fall Hard!

Stupid Cupid: Cupid Ink Book 1 (Love for the Holidays: Valentine’s Day 4) by Pixie Chica

Release Date: February 12, 2020
PreOrder: mybook.to/StupidCupidPixie

Romeo Cupid II
When my mother declares war on my single-hood, I know it’s time I find a decoy. At 35, I’m the oldest bachelor in the cupid clan so my meddling mother has concocted a plan to get me engaged by my sister’s wedding. Acting on desperation, I accept a date-for-hire with a woman named Chels.

It was supposed to be a temporary fix, but once my eyes land on her, there’s no way I’ll let her go – Even if she thinks I’m just a Stupid Cupid.

Looks like I’ll be granting my mom’s wish after all.

Chelsea “Chels” McQueen

Spinster, cat lady, freak…Yeah I knew the names everyone called me. That’s why I needed to get out of the North Pole, and quick. Short on cash, and out of options, I accept the job of girlfriend for a week. How bad could it be for a thousand bucks? I was expecting an awkward and shy man who was being tormented about being single.

What I didn’t bargain for was the handsome giant I get instead. He may think he can be boss me like the Neanderthal he is, but I’ll show him.

Just as soon as I stop getting lost in those troubled emerald eyes.

This Valentine’s Day, the reluctant Cupid has met his match. He’ll have to pull out all the stops, and then some.

PreOrder: mybook.to/StupidCupidPixie

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