Fae Lover by JF Holland
Not all romance is smooth sailing…
Fae/Shifter standalone Romance :- https://books2read.com/u/bMa8B7

Eternal Mates Immortal Dating Site, Book 3

Trina made a promise to her friend that if she found a mate using a dating site, she’d sign up herself. Now she must keep her promise.

Will she be able to find a mate who will not only love her but also be capable of feeding her nymph side?

Selina; who runs the dating site, tells Trina she has just the male for her. However, in true Eternal Mates style, the road to true love is never plain sailing. There’s a shadow hovering in the wings to cause problems.

Will Trina survive meeting her mate?

Contains adult scenes only suitable for over 18’s

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