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Black Light: Possession by LK Shaw is only $1.99! (for a limited time)

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After relocating to Washington, D.C. to avoid an overzealous secret admirer, Dr. Madeline Parrish wants to learn all that the city has to offer. When a friend invites her to explore the dark pleasures at the exclusive BDSM club, Black Light, Madeline meets two enigmatic Doms, with whom she spends one explosive night.

Soon the ‘love letters’ from her admirer start arriving, but now their tone is clearly threatening. When it’s discovered the letters are eerily similar to those written by the serial killer, ‘Casanova,’ FBI Agents Joseph Crocker and Nathaniel Morgan are brought in to investigate.

Much to their surprise, Madeline is the sexy submissive they shared an unforgettable night with.

Crocker and Morgan tempt and seduce Madeline into becoming theirs. Casanova, however, has other plans for her.

Can the men catch the killer before he makes Madeline his next victim?

Black Light: Possession is a stand alone novel set in the Black Light world.

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