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(¸.•´ (¸.•♥ … From Amazon bestselling author SM Stryker comes an emotionally riveting, romantic suspense, about first loves, best friends and second chances.


Never having a family to call his own, Toby Mitchell grew up alone. Given away as a young child, he knew he would never be loved. He was a child caught up in the foster system, always being shuffled from one home to the next he had no family. That is until he was old enough to join the Marines. He finally found his family. While on a mission in Afghanistan, he sustained a job ending injury that forced him out of the only family he knew.

Raven Whitehorse was raised without a mother. She had always felt that there was a conspiracy behind her mother’s disappearance. She knew her mother would never leave her. After running away from home at sixteen to try to find her mother, the search for her mother hits a dead end. Raven takes any job available to stay off the streets as she works her way through school. After living on the streets, she knows that love isn’t kind.

After landing a job with a new software company, she meets Toby Mitchell the owner of a security firm that her new boss has hired.

Toby, wanting to put closure to his childhood, sets out to find his mother, the drug-addicted woman that didn’t care enough about her own child to seek the help she needed. Toby feels that without this closure, he can’t move forward with any type of relationship.

Raven needs to find her mother to see if the rumors were true and what really happened the day she disappeared. Was she the scared teen that couldn’t handle the pressures of new motherhood; was she blackmailed to leave or worse?

What secrets will they find, and how will those secret affect each of them? *****THIS IS BOOK TWO OF A FOUR BOOK SERIES***** ORDER OF BOOKS:
Beckett – Beckett and Harlow’s Story
Mitchell – Mitchell and Raven’s Story
Carson – Carson and Charlie’s Story
Richard – Richard and Nicole’s Story ***AUTHOR’S NOTE*** *This is a series of interconnected standalones.* BOOKS ALSO ON AUDIOBOOK


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