Love’s Deception 

Author: DC Renee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Rebecca Pau with The Final Wrap

Release Date: 01/29/2020

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           For someone who wasn’t the “dating kind,” he had certainly done a bang-up job of wooing me. Dating, marriage … the whole nine yards. I’d fallen hard. I couldn’t help it. Nolan Corrington was gorgeous, charming, sweet, and he loved me with a passion I’d never felt before. It was inevitable on my end.

          He tried to fight his love for me. I was the first girl he ever let in, because he’d vowed never to love. He didn’t want the fallout a heartbreak would create. But he said dating me, marrying me, loving me … the whole nine yards was inevitable for him too.

          With a love like that, there could be no room for heartbreak, right?

          Well, see … that’s the thing about loving someone so hard. You don’t always share everything about yourself, at least not until it’s too late … until the person is so deep inside you that you hope they won’t want to leave. That’s what I like to call love’s deception.

         And that’s what Nolan counted on.

         What could go wrong? Oh, only everything … only the one thing he feared in the first place … heartbreak. Too bad it wasn’t just a matter of walking away … it was more, a lot more. It was life, death, and everything in between. It was love, and it was deception.

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