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The Duke who Loved Me (The Men who Revered Us Book 1) by Rachelle Stevensen

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Aidan St. Andrew, the Duke of Ablewood has lived a sheltered and lonely life since the death of his brutally evil father that scarred and almost killed him. He lives and works at his country estate with his family in a solitary existence, away from society and the dictates of the ton. Afraid of hearing the gossip people say about his scarred face, Aidan stays on his estate, working and staying as far from people as necessary. They say he is cursed and Aidan is starting to believe it. Until one stormy day, he stumbles upon a woman in the woods. She is wet, cold and muddy, yet she is the most beautiful woman Aidan has ever seen. Will Aidan care about the dictates of society because of her status as a commoner? Or will he claim her for his own?
Rhiannon Forester has lived a quiet life in London with her parents. Until the fateful accident that took her mother, and crippled Rhia for life. She has fought hard to live a normal life, to walk again, albeit with a severe limp, and after the death of her father, has decided to live a solitary life in Scotland. Away from the loss and sad memories of her only family. On the road, Rhiannon has troubles and is found trapped in a storm by the most handsome man she has ever encountered. Will she follow her heart when she finds out who Aidan really is? Or will she run when hard times come for them?

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