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Above & Below: Mountain Misfits MC Prologue by Deja Voss

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She’ll make him burn down the past and forge the future from the ashes


Up on the mountain I’m of club royalty. I am the legacy.

I am the man who was sent to save the Mountain Misfits MC from my father’s need for destruction.

But maybe I don’t want to take on this burden anymore.

Maybe I want a white picket fence and a good woman to settle down with.

Maybe I’m tired of this blood on my hands.

Or maybe I want it all. One foot on the mountain, the other down below, chasing after a woman who doesn’t see me for the man I truly am. A woman who likes my leather cut. A woman who’s smart enough to know better, but damaged enough to not care.


When you rely on a man for everything, the only thing you are worth is your word.

And if my word is my worth, then I am worth nothing.

I took my ex’s money as fast as he was willing to give it to me.

I watched him sell heroin to pay my college tuition.

I played his games, lived in his mansion, and lied through my teeth until I put him behind bars.

And now I have nothing. Nothing but the scars on my arm and the sneers of my colleagues.

What’s one more bad decision when my life is made of many? Especially when that bad decision smells like leather and looks like the kind of guy who might just be worse than me.

Above & Below is the PREQUEL novella to the Mountain Misfits MC series. It ends on a serious cliffie, but I promise the HEA is coming in book 1! Just a little teaser to let you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Please note – themes of violence, abuse, and drug use, plus motorcycle club language are featured in this novel.

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