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✨✨✨ The Curse of Time ✨✨✨
✨✨by Andreea Pryde✨✨

“You! The one who does not believe. Do not shut your eyes to the gifts with which the Gods have endowed you.”

I never believed in paranormal. Curses, enchantments, lucky amulets, evil spirits, angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell – all this meant nothing more than fantasies found between the covers of a book.

What changed my mind? A new job at a museum.

Getting used to the new place was at very least awkward, but life went back to normal; more or less.

Things become genuinely complicated with the discovery of a very unlikely connection — me, from the present, and a young woman from the 19th-century named Leah. Capable of taking over her body when Leah agrees, l get to discover hidden lies, mistakes, and foolish ambitions, which if left alone can destroy the future.

But, how can I face this situation when my own heart is about to get stolen by the surprising charm of the past?

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