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Hit And Run
By: Kay Marie
Cover Design: Charli Childs, Cosmic Letterz Cover Design

One night stands are kind of my thing. Hit it and run because I have no desire to get tied down to a woman. Honestly, I have no desire to see the women I get in bed more than once. We can pass on the cuddling, coffee dates, and telling each other all our hopes and dreams. I’m just not that guy.
At least, I wasn’t until a beauty, unlike anything I’ve ever seen, ambushed my life by walking into the bar one night. I did with her exactly what I always do— we didn’t even bother to exchange names. Too bad she’s all I think about and for once, I’d give just about anything to run into her again.
My wish comes true, but also with a realization that might make my life a little more difficult. Turns out her name is Sienna . . . and she’s my sister’s best friend.
While she’s fighting every connection we have, I’m addicted and will do anything to win her over.
Turns out I may not get the chance because the Cartel has a score to settle and they’re going to use Sienna against me. No one messes with my girl, though . . . I just have to get her back before it’s too late.

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