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Breaker: Indignant Few MC Book 2 by Deja Voss

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My mom always told me I was going to be a heartbreaker.

My brothers in the Indignant Few MC call me face breaker.

The club sluts, I’ve heard them call me jawbreaker behind my back, and it’s not because I ever put my hands on a woman.

Living on the streets taught me how to use my charm to survive.

Patching into the Indignant Few taught me more about loyalty and family than I’d ever known. My shady background did nothing for my credibility, but these guys understood me, embraced me, even made me into a semi-decent kind of man.

I loved the ladies, but I’d never let one hold me down. Fighting, f*cking, riding… that’s all I needed to keep my soul satisfied.

I found Hannah in the ditch one fateful morning. She was beaten, bloody, drugged, assaulted, left for dead. Her people weren’t the type to do something like that, hell, they didn’t even believe in electricity. She was carrying drugs with my MC logo on them. We don’t even deal drugs. Something shady was going down. Somebody was trying to frame us.

She needed our protection, and the instant she snapped her eyes open and looked up at me, I knew I needed her more than I needed anyone before. I wasn’t going to let anyone hurt Hannah ever again, even if it meant changing everything I knew about myself.

Breaker is a steamy standalone full length novel set in the Indignant Few MC world, where the triggers are plenty, the language is dirty, the bikers are part of the 1%, and love ALWAYS wins.

If you are offended by disturbing content, this might not be your jam.

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