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Silver and Lace
Royal Bastards MC
Detroit Chapter
By: Shannon Youngblood
Releases June 30, 2020
Cover design: Simply Defined Art- Jay Aheer

Amazon Link: getbook.at/SilverandLace

I hear it every day: “Why doesn’t Silver have an old lady?”

I’ll tell you why. Because getting my rocks off isn’t nearly as important as protecting the Royal Bastards MC. I may only be the VP of the Detroit Chapter, but I take my job seriously, and no bitch is going to come between my club and me.

But the new batch of submissives we’ve just received has me turning my head, and while my club starts to tear itself apart from the inside out, the platinum-haired beauty in my cuffs is the only thing on my mind.

I don’t care that I’m more than double Lacey’s age, and I don’t care that my closest companion in the club wants her. I’m going to collar her and make her my baby girl.

Amidst the gun powder, lead, lust, and betrayal, I’ve got to step up and take what’s rightfully mine. I am Lacey’s Daddy, and this club’s enforcer–God help the sorry son of a bitch who stands in Daddy’s way.

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