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On Your Knees (Tradition Bound Book 1) by Brynn Paulin

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Knees, spankings and leather cuffs are about to get a workout.


Being a control freak in a male-dominated profession is hard enough without the complications of a workplace crush, yet Jessica Rush finds herself struggling with all three. How can she continue to work for a man who commands the leading role in all her submissive fantasies? Thankfully, the solution to her sudden lack of control comes in the form of a party invitation to Pleasure Palace. Perfect. A kinky good time—on her own terms—is all Jessica needs to boot her sexy boss right out of her dreams. However, she never anticipated being chained up in some Dom’s dungeon. “Oops,” indeed.

“You’re mine, kitten.”

Finally, Jessica is exactly where he wants her. Ryan Cress has hidden his kinky lifestyle and his attraction to his subordinate for years, but when Jessica Rush shows up at Pleasure Palace, Ryan—aka, Master R—vows to claim her as his own and introduce her to carnal pleasures untold. As far as he’s concerned, before the evening ends, she will be on her knees for him. That’s the plan, anyway. But what will happen when the mask is removed? Can they move from Boss and employee to Dominant and submissive so easily?

Jessica is not so sure. Offering her submission to Ryan means giving up the only thing that has kept her anchored in life: her control. But Ryan is about to teach Jessica three new words that will shatter everything she thinks she knows about control and show her a world of sensual delights found only at his loving command…

“On. Your. Knees.”

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