Connors’ Devils (Devil’s Riot MC #5) by E.C. Land


When life knocks you down and you get right back up again. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? You don’t allow the monsters to tear you down.

Never did I expect to see my life where it is now. I might seem to have my life together on the outside but on the inside I’m a catastrophe.

I don’t trust easily, and I refuse to allow men in my life. There’s a good reason for that, though. I haven’t been with a man in over five years. I wasn’t ever planning on it. In my mind I was fully prepared to live my life with just my son.

It all blew up into smoke when two men swept into my life as I knew it. They refused to give up on me and now my past has collided with the present. Can we get through this, or will they wipe their hands of me? It’s not like I don’t already know I’m worthless. It was drilled into my mind for years. 

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