Cover Reveal

Out of My Control by CJ Allison

Final book in The Love in the Smokies series. “Out of my Control”.

Cover Model: Cody Smith
Cover Photo: Melissa Deanching, Reggie Deanching

Can they survive the distance? Two men from opposites ends of the continent. With a love that many find unconventional, can they overcome all the obstacles that can destroy them before they even get started?

Being in love with your boss is never a good thing, especially when the boss is not gay. Then he meets a quiet man wearing a fedora in the Smokies. A man who has only came out to a few people and afraid of how his small town will react.
Patrick is more than the man everyone sees. He hides behind his humor and his smile to hide the hurt. It’s a stereotype that most people expect. William’s dominate side brings out something Patrick isn’t used to feeling. A feeling of worth and love he never expected.

William “Buddy”
The one night stands. The fake girlfriend. When will Buddy have his chance at real love? Living in a small town in the south and being gay, is not a good combination. Then Patrick shows up with all his flamboyant wonder. Buddy watches at a distance until he gets the nerve to ask for a phone number. Months of texting and they finally get to meet up again at Patrick’s bosses wedding.
The encounter was magical, and Buddy feels like he can finally be the man he’s always wanted to be. How will the distance work? Buddy loves his mountains, but will they be freer to live openly if he moves out to LA?

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