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Eco’s Heart (Valladares Family Saga Book 2) by Chashiree M


They call me Echo, because my brand of vengeance ripples through your whole family.
I never wanted that kind of power held over me. So love….not in my future.
Until the day I kidnapped my HEART.
May Satan come for whomever tries to take her from me. HE might be more MERCIFUL.

I know who my family is, it’s not too when you are the only daughter of a Mafia Don.
Which is why I decided long ago, to carve my own path. I vowed to never be a pawn in the life I was born into.
Until ECO sent a surge through me, that will be felt for the rest of my life.
He thinks he has to protect me from his enemies.
It’s them who should watch out. Together, we are MORE than lethal.
We are the RIPPLE you don’t see COMING!

This is book 2 of 4 in the Valladares Family Saga. Will the Benevides and Valladares families be able to merge and forget their hatred for one another? Or will they lose one of their own in the process?

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