Blind Date With the Billionaire (Billionaire Club Book 1) by Brynn Paulin

Date my billionaire boss? No way… Too bad it was a blind date.

Bella: My dream of a successful art career consumes my life, so I didn’t want to join the dating app. I don’t have time for it, but somehow, my best friend persuaded me. Fine. What’s one night? One date? I ended up matched with YourMan01, a guy who seems only interested in hooking up. I’m not interested in forever, so YourMan01’s plans sound okay with me. Besides, meeting this stranger might turn my thoughts from the only man I truly want—a man completely off limits: My boss, Chase O’Malley.

This new dating site is unique: they screen the applicants and set up the date. I have no idea what he looks like. We just have a time and place to meet. And if sex enters the picture, good. That might distract me from Chase. I need my job with O’Malley Financial to keep myself afloat while I pursue my art, and daydreaming about my demanding boss is the surest way to get myself fired. Even if he were interested, Chase always has a new woman on his arm. Anything between us wouldn’t last. What would happen when it ended? That would ruin everything.

Chase: I’ve waited too long to claim her, but now, Bella is mine. What’s the point of being a billionaire if you can’t use your wealth to sway your fortune? Membership dating sites are lucrative right now, but that’s not even close to why I started one. For once, I don’t care about the money. My entire objective: My new assistant, Bella Renfroe.

When she finds out what I’ve done, she’ll be furious, but that won’t stop me. She’s going in blind, but this date will open her eyes. Soon, she’ll be in my bed, in my life, and totally, irrevocably mine.

NOTE: This title was formerly titled Blind Date.

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