The Billionaire and the Beast (Billionaire Club Book 4) by Brynn Paulin

I’ve never been a cute, petite little thing.
And my stepsister Ella and her friends never let me forget it. In fact, growing up, I always felt like Cricket, the jolly, mean giant—not that I’m mean. More like I’m a scapegoat.

Now, I have one month until I get the heck out of Dodge and escape my family, this city and all the people who’ve called me Beast all these years. I’m never coming back. Until then, I just need to avoid my parents, Ella and the gorgeous billionaire she has her eye on.

Not so hard. I know how to fly under the radar.

Except…he has no interest in my stepsister. No, his eye is on me. He calls me his princess. And there’s nothing I can do to escape my fate, especially when Ella discovers his interest. She’s determined to prove I’m Cricket the Beast again.

And maybe, I should let her, just so I can leave here before I get hurt. Because hot guys like him? They’re definitely not into beasts like me.

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