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They may not deserve what they have, but they will kill to keep it. That’s the motto Carissa, Gia, and Amelia—the leaders of New York’s most powerful cartel—live by. Read their saga of friendship, crime, obsession, revenge, sex, and undeniable love .

BOSS – Book 1

She’s out of options…

With nowhere left to go, Carissa Elliott will do anything to escape a crime boss’ obsession. But becoming the boss of a powerful cartel to save herself and her loved ones is more dangerous than she ever imagined. Carissa plans to fight like Hell to get what she wants—even if it means facing off against a man more threatening and irresistible than she can handle. Alec McLean has an agenda of his own. And Carissa is right at the top off it.

Now, it’s up to this small-town girl to prove to everyone—even Alec—that she’s as ruthless as any man. But can she really show them who’s Boss?

MADE – Book 2

No matter how hard she runs,

Danger is on her tail…

On a first-name basis with peril, nothing can protect Gia Corey from the madman stalking her every move. Even with her vital role in New York’s most powerful cartel, she can’t run from the cops determined to apprehend her. She’s desperate and torn—unable to hide from the madman, who frames her for murder and threatens those she loves.

Noah McLean’s carefree lifestyle as a playboy comes to a violent end when a bullet forces him to take his rightful place in the family business. Luckily, Gia is his anchor, helping him accept the role he never wanted. Hellbent on keeping her safe, he risks everything for the only woman he’s ever loved. But Gia only trusts two people—and Noah isn’t one of them.

Now, it’s up to Gia to do the unthinkable: embrace her own inner darkness to save Noah and those she loves for a chance at the light. Will she slay the enemy once and for all, or will her past finally catch up with her in the end?

STEEL – Book 3


A pawn,
In his deadly game of revenge.
That’s how he sees me.

But he should look closer,
And see the strong, daring, and loyal soul of The Trinity,
Yes, that Trinity,
New York’s top cartel.

I will stop at nothing to take him down,
Make him pay,
For what he did to my sister,

Nobody screws with me,
Or with the man I love.


Shrewd, loyal, and downright ruthless,
An assassin with an agenda.
A well-earned reputation.

He’s hellbent on destroying me,
But as always, he underestimated me.
With his eyes on Amelia,
I’m jolted into action.

Between bullets and bombs,
Nothing can stop me,
From saving her.
And killing him.

J. L. Lora was born in Dominican Republic and came to the United States just at the age of 13. Her goal in life was always to be a writer. As a child, she told stories to her family and friends and wrote fiction about historic figures. Today, her stories explore the dark side of good characters, people living in the gray areas of life and how they cope with the cards life has dealt them. She loves strong heroines and their equally powerful love interests. She currently lives in Maryland while pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy, can’t-put-down stories about empowered, badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha heroes.

Website: http://www.jllora.com
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