Author: Crimson Syn
Genre: Dark Romance

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One Night.
That’s all it took for Lilith’s world to be destroyed.
Ever since, living life has become a soulless, mind-numbing task.
That is until she meets a dark, handsome, mysterious stranger.
Adrien’s the only man she’s spoken to, much less connected to, in months.
The only one who seems to care enough to notice her through the walls she’s built.
But learning how to trust again, especially with a man she’s barely spoken to, is a battle.
Falling in love with him, a war.
Because Adrien also holds a dark, terrible secret–one that could destroy every hard-fought step Lilith has taken since that night.
And though kindred spirits may drift towards one another, there’s no telling how explosive this truth may be.
With a secret that could shatter them both, it might take more than love to set them free.
Then again.
Some secrets are best kept hidden.
WARNING: This book contains certain themes and situations which may be severely triggering to some readers. Proceed with caution.

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