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This fake marriage never felt so real…
Bad Fiancé by Elise Faber
Release Date: October 6

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Sera used to believe in happily ever afters.

Well, she still believed in them. Just not for her.

For Seraphina Delgado, finding a man who loved her for who she was inside, rather than simply appreciating her outward appearance, had proved to be impossible.

She wasn’t trying to be cocky—cock, ha—but she was beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that she’d spent her childhood and tween years modeling and shooting commercials and . . . well, only being appreciated for the way she looked.

And that was more curse than advantage because looks faded. People aged, wrinkles formed, boobs sagged . . .

Anyway, none of that mattered because no man ever saw who she truly was on the inside.

Until Tate.

He was more interested in software than her cup size and had hired her to help him find a house. He didn’t care about her looks or her boobs, only her abilities as a real estate agent.

But then he showed up in her office with a crazy proposition. One so crazy, it almost made sense.

He wanted them to get married.

And Sera thought she just might agree.

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