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The Hills: A High School Bully Romance (Richland Heights High Book 1) by Adele Niles


Sometimes you make them.
Sometimes they are made for you.
Kissing Jordan Hawthorne the summer before 9th grade was my choice.
What he did after that was his choice, and it ruined my life.
All to make himself popular.

It worked, and it set off a chain of events that would tear my family apart.
Choices made by others.

I left Richland and I thought it was for good.
Unfortunately, yet another choice made for me.
I’m back.
Abandoned and forced to face my demons, my dad and the dicks that destroyed my world.
This time things will be different.
The bullies and b*tches that kicked me from the hill are about to take a fall of their own.

What I wasn’t expecting was how the two biggest bullies in my life were about to change it, again.

This is book one of The Richland Heights High series. It contains adult language and adult situations with characters that are 17+. It also contains some sensitive scenes. There are bullies, bad boys, heroines and heroes. This series is a mix of Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars and Mean Girls, with a touch of Sons of Anarchy.
It is set in the fictional town of Richland where The No Regrets Ink series is also located. You can see overlapping locations and characters throughout these books. Check out the No Regrets Ink series as well.

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