The Wrong Mr. Right is book 2 of the Second Chance Summer Series, by KL Ramsey and it’s FREE until 9/3!⠀

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T92K7XP⠀

I blew it!⠀

I had my chance with the woman of my dreams, and I let her slip through my fingers. Now, I can’t get the sassy, know-it-all scientist Heather Sinclair off my mind even though I’m the furthest thing from hers.⠀

I made one mistake, and she won’t let me live it down. Her cold shoulder isn’t enough to keep me away though, especially when I find out her life is in danger. I must convince her to give me a second chance or I might not be able to keep her safe.⠀

Then the unexpected happens, and our lives change forever…⠀

And now she’s slipping even more from my grasp. Losing her is simply not an option, especially now. ⠀

Will fate give us another chance, or will I end up being just another wrong Mr. Right?⠀

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