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The Life She Left Behind: A Birds of Paradise Novella: FaeWren’s Story by ChaShiree M

All I wanted was to find help. What I found instead was Him.

At 16 years old, FaeWren has run away from an abusive family situation leaving her sisters behind in search of their brothers. Getting off the bus in New York City she is not sure where to begin or what to expect. When he crosses her path as a knight in shining armor, she is helpless to resist him and the life he is offering.

He never expected for his life to change, with just one stroll down the street. She was not a part of his plan.

Ren has grown up in a hard life filled with violence, betrayal and blood. He had long resigned himself to living the life he was born into alone and without love, in lieu of bringing someone into his tumultuous world. Finding this lost little fairy on the sidewalk of New York City changes his best-laid plans forever. He will never be able to let her go.

With their love blooming and their lives changing, Fae succumbs to the fear of her past and abandons all they have built and planned. When left with nothing but the memories and a reminder of their love, can Ren finally find Fae and make her understand that: Sometimes the only protection you need is LOVE.

No cheating, safe, HFN/HEA and lots of Alpha sizzle!

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