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The Life She Couldn’t See (Birds of Paradise Book 3) by ChaShiree M
Release Date: 8/19/19

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How does one’s life change so drastically in the blink of an eye? That is the question I ask myself every day.

One minute, I am tied to a chair, awaiting what I am sure is my death at the hands of my father. The next I am safely at home, living my life, trying to convince myself I don’t need nor want a relationship with the sexiest man I have ever met.

No matter how much I say this to him, he never leaves my side.

Soon we are building a life together, one I couldn’t see before him.

How do I hold on to this life, when someone is hell-bent on destroying it?


The moment her picture came across my phone, something about her called to me. I knew she was going to be my wife. My light. My air. But first, I needed to save her.

She pushed, tugged and tried everything she could to get me to walk away from her. Until she realized, there was no use.

We are building a life together. One I plan on protecting with my own.

What does a man do, when everything he loves is being threatened?

I kill anyone who gets in my way.

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