Title: The Beastly Duke
Author: Emma Brady
Series: Sinner’s Club #4
Genre: Historical Romance
Cover Designer: Victoria Cooper Art
Release Date: November 1st

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Seven Deadly Sins in Victorian London: Wrath

A Christmas Love Story

Warren Douglas, the Duke of Ravensmore is uncivilized at best and a murderer at worst. He is content to reside in his castle on the edge of the Scottish border, but knows he needs to find the right woman to help raise his young daughter. Rumors about the untimely death of his first wife have made it a difficult search, but then an opportunity lands in his path.
Daphne Fullerton, the little sister to Viscount Andrews, had waited so long to finally get her chance to enjoy the London season, but it is not turning out the way she expected. Her shy, demure nature is no match for the sharper personalities of society and she longs for the peaceful country life. When she comes across the duke on his way north, a wild impulse makes her offer him a solution to both their problems.

Can a marriage made on a whim become true love? Can a warm heart help heal a cold beast?
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