~ Finally, Our Forever by Elisa Leigh ~
Panthera Security Book 1

2.99 or Available on Kindle Unlimited
❥US: https://amzn.to/2pDhm9x
❥UK: https://amzn.to/2wI3PDp

Reece has never regretted the tough choices he’s made, except for one.
As second in command at Panthera Security, he has more than enough to keep him distracted from the memories of her and the life he should be living.
He should have never pushed away the only woman he’s ever loved. With a hole that deep, no one has ever been able to fill it.
When Reece finds out he can have everything he’s always wanted, he’ll stop at nothing to claim Maci Kate and her son as his.
Maci Kate is focused on raising her son and dodging the ill attempts from her ex husband to get back together. The last thing she’s expecting is for the one that got away to come storming back into her life demanding her heart.
Can Reece convince Maci Kate that they truly belong together after all this time? Will Maci’s ex ruin everything they’ve worked toward?

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