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The next installment in the Tales of Chapel Hall Victorian romance suspense series releases August 9th!

Inhibition: The Tales of Chapel Hall, Book Two by Debra J. Falasco

“I didn’t know how much I loved her until someone tried to take her away. To protect her, I vowed I would never leave her again. I made her my wife, my Lady Ravenspur.” – Lord Adrian Ravenspur

I fell in love with a woman I didn’t deserve. I walked away from Machelle once, to save her from myself. To save her from the past, I took her to my ramshackle manor by the sea. At Ravencliff, our passion intensified, but so did the strange occurrences that plagued our new marriage. I arranged our wedding trip so that I could love her, could take her away from the demons that haunted us. Nightmares. Family drama. Disgruntled housekeepers. A sinister hidden room. I didn’t do enough. I failed her. Even on the other side of England, the past was never far behind.

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