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How is it possible to truly hate someone you once loved so much? 
Well, it’s easy if that person is Enzo Black. 
He was never hard to hate. It was loving him that was painfully difficult. 
Loving him almost broke me—almost. Instead, it turned me into a crazy, heartless bitch. 
Ruthless. Cruel. Callous. Enzo Black is the man your mama, your auntie, your grandma, and your neighbor warned you about. He’s the man you avoid in a bar, on the street, and in the produce aisle. He’s the man you want but can’t have because he’s devoid of anything close to something worth having. Enzo black is a soulless asshole, one I still love, but sometimes I wonder if I actually love the man or if I’m addicted to all the dirty things he does to me. 
Hell, it’s probably both.


About Jaci J

Reader. Writer. Crazy person. Lover of all things home décor and the color black.

Jaci lives on the coast in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her lovely, but crazy family. If she’s not reading or writing you can find her wandering the isles of a home store or hanging out with her monster son. 

She’s the author of The Hell’s Disciples MC series and The Sick and Twisted Love series. 

You can find her on Facebook: or her website:

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