Dark Souls By May Gordon is 1 year old! 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Crime Kings #1

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When Lawson, Washington’s biggest kingpin, receives a call from his enemy claiming they kidnapped his woman, he wants to laugh in their faces. Until he hears Cleo’s voice for the first time and quickly realizes they’re right. She will be his. Now he’ll do everything in his power to get her back and keep her. Forever.

Cleo knows the streets and gangs. Her time with both taught her how to take care of herself. Lessons she’ll need when she’s kidnapped. But when Lawson charges in and saves her, vowing to protect her at all costs, she realizes having someone to share a life with is what she’s been missing.

Unfortunately, Lawson’s position comes with no shortage of enemies. Can he and his new Queen survive the dark perils that lay ahead of them?

Warning: Sweet, sexy and safe read! Happily ever after guaranteed! This author writes what she likes to read. That means there will be instalove, OTT Heroes, and, brace yourselves, virgin characters at times. If none of those float your boat, you might want to find another book. If they do, you’re in the right place.  

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