by B.C. Morin – Author

*Standalone YA*


Being cursed with avenging the slaughter of a group of ancestors is certainly a burden no one would want. Though, for Katelyn Miller, it’s not a choice.

She has taken shelter under the label of freak for most of her life. Since the incident at her best friend’s eighth birthday party, she has managed to keep everyone at a safe distance from the strange things that happen around her. As she eagerly prepares to graduate high school, she will find that she cannot keep everyone away for long, including the mysterious guidance counselor that lately, seems to be following her.

Logan Blackwell III is the newest and arguably the hottest resident of Shippan Ct. and is immediately and inexplicably drawn to Katelyn. Although Logan manages to tear down some of Katelyn’s walls, it’s not enough to let him in on her secret. But when the possibility of death lingers around them both, Katelyn finds letting Logan in may be her only hope. As a century’s old curse comes full circle, Katelyn finds out that Logan has secrets of his own and now the same forces that brought them together, threaten to tear them apart.

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