Title: Protecting the Donna
Author: Angela Nicole

Live on 09.10.19

Series: Lazzari Mafia Family; Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Danielle Lazzari is in trouble. Someone wants the head of the Lazzari family six feet under. With her brother in prison and her father dead, Dani is trying to take the family business legit. But when the threatening letters get all too real, her childhood best friend and love of her life is forced to protect her. 

Michael Armstrong left Chicago wanting to make a life for himself and Dani. Becoming a Navy SEAL was a dream come true until a tragedy forces him into seclusion. But when the only woman he’s ever loved is in trouble, Mikey leaves the security of his cabin and heads to Las Vegas hoping to keep Dani safe. Needing their expertise, Mikey calls on former SEALs, Tex and Dude to help find a would be killer.

Does Michael have what it takes to protect the love of his life, or will her stalker find her first? 

Photographer: CJC Photography
Cover Models: Kevin Theodore and Alli Theresa
Cover Designer: T.E. Black Design

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