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The Perfect Storm Duet 

Title: Safe in His Storm (Book 1 of The Perfect Storm Duet)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Series: The Perfect Storm #1

Conflicted. Controlled. Carnal.

In the safety of her little town, Gabi’s used to practicing control.
But silencing nightmares has come at a lonely cost.
In her world, practice hasn’t made perfect–It’s made
Then fate sends an irresistible stranger to her rescue.
Edgy. Commanding. Intimidating. And surely able to see into her very soul.
He’s everything she dreams about…and everything she fears.

After surviving a shattering loss, Jake is finished with grief and guilt.
Determined to live again, he moves forward–vowing to keep one thing sacred.
Unapologetically dominant, his intentions for a woman are clear.
And don’t expect what he can never offer.
He knows what he wants and how he wants it.
And now…he wants her.

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She paused and then asked, “Have you ever been in love?”

He realized in that moment that he hadn’t told her about Lisa. Whether or not it was a timing issue or just a subject he’d avoided, he wasn’t sure, but it hadn’t come up. Then, a moment of guilt passed over him when he realized he hadn’t thought about Lisa like he used to. Oh, she was there on a daily basis, but not like it had been before. Not the same deafening emptiness he’d grown used to. Now, it was more of a dull ache only felt when summoned. And with that thought, he dismissed any lingering guilt. He’d said his goodbye and was moving forward the way he’d intended.

And he’d tell Gabrielle about her soon enough. “Yes,” he simply replied.

Appearing momentarily puzzled, Gabrielle tilted her head as if she’d seen something new. Finally, she smiled softly and directed her attention back to the game, lining up her next shot and then missing it.

Jake stepped forward, called the pocket, and sent the eight ball sailing inside.


She swallowed hard and looked at him. “You win.”

He couldn’t help the smug expression he felt crossing his face as she stood by, wide-eyed. He felt like a cat about to pounce on its prey—only she was prey who wanted to be caught—which made it perfect.

When he closed the distance between them, he leaned to her ear and whispered, “And, as the winner of the game, I intend to take you home, tie you up, watch you come, and fuck you into next week.”

Title: Taken by Storm (Book 2 of The Perfect Storm Duet)
Author: Annalise Delaney
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Series: The Perfect Storm Series

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Devastated. Desperate. Determined.

Months with Jake more than awakened
the submissive within Gabrielle.
He flipped a switch she can’t turn off.
Craving the man who melts her heart and owns
her body, she’ll do anything it takes to be his.
Even risk the thing she fears the most.

Jake would kill to protect his woman.
But for the first time in his life,
he faces an enemy he can’t destroy.
Driven to help silence the echoes of her past,
he’ll do whatever he needs to do.
Including the last thing anyone expected.

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Jake stood back, focused on the numbnut he was about to annihilate, and then sent the whip slicing through the air, snapping a perfect hole right into the paper face of Joseph Pedophile Talbot. If the bastard had actually been standing in front of Jake, instead of on a 4 x 6 card, he would have one less eye. 
Or ball, maybe. Jake didn’t really care which.
He moved his attention to the next card and repeated the process he’d become well acquainted with.
“Juan Drug-Trafficking Mendoza, you motherfucker, this is for Gabrielle and all the others like her.” He stepped back, and with one fluid movement, Juan’s face was ripped from the card that remained attached to the metal clip.
Jake moved to the next card and started—
“Looks like you’ve stepped up your game, Cowboy.”
He spun around in surprise to find Derek watching from a fairly safe distance. Good idea. But what the hell was he doing here at this hour?
“By the look on your face, I think I should ask you the same thing,” Derek said.
“Oh? And what thing’s that?” Jake asked, having said nothing so far.
“What the fuck are we doing here at this hour.”
Jake didn’t answer right away, but his smile confirmed Derek’s question. “Couldn’t sleep,” Jake finally said.
“Well neither could your little subbie.”
“She’s up?” He glanced at his watch. 5:40 a.m. Fuck. He hadn’t meant to stay down here this long. 
“She’s up.”
Jake hung the whip next to the others and trekked back to what he’d affectionately named The Strand of Scumbags, pulling off each remaining card. Some were whole and others were tattered. He was impressed with his improved accuracy.
“Your aim is getting sharper,” Derek said, nodding toward the rope line.
“Yeah, well what can I say? I like to hit my targets.”
“Do you have an endless supply of those guys?” Derek asked, gesturing toward the stack of cards in Jake’s hand.
“Something like that.”
“Hey, if that’s what you need to help deal with things, then far be it for me to try and stop you. Use this place anytime.” Derek said. “But that still leaves me wondering something.”
“Hit me.”
“What I can’t figure is, why the hell would you chose to spend your time here, when you’ve got a naked and willing submissive in your bed upstairs?”
Jake picked up the few tattered faces from the floor as he contemplated an answer. He’d told Derek he needed use of some of the rooms for Gabrielle, but he hadn’t told him about their current arrangement.
“There’s more to it than that,” Jake said.
“Like what?” 
Jake straightened and turned to face the man who’d been more than just his mentor. He’d been his friend for twenty years, yet he was almost afraid to tell him what he’d done. Of course, it wasn’t like the guy could take away his Dom card, right? “It’s complicated.”
“I made a temporary amendment to my arrangement with Gabrielle,” Jake said.
“Well that sounds intriguing.” Derek raised an eyebrow. “Do tell.”
“When we finally talked about what happened to trigger her, and how to move past it, she had some ideas.”
“What kind of ideas?” Derek’s brows narrowed.
“I didn’t let it get that far, but she was getting damned close to suggesting we continue in a vanilla situation.” Derek lifted his chin as he listened, and Jake continued. “There might not be any way to come back from that,” he said, extending his arms in surrender. “I didn’t want it to get that far, so I suggested something else before she did.”
“Two weeks D/s without sex,” Jake said, ready for the fallout.
Derek studied his face for what seemed like an eternity and finally said, “That actually might be brilliant. I like it.”
“You do?”
“Yeah, creative.”
“Glad you think so,” Jake answered. “I’m starting to wonder if I’ve lost my fucking mind.”
Derek rolled his head back and chuckled. “Not working the way you wanted, huh?”
“Oh no, it is. She’s nearly begging for it.”
“So what’s the problem?”
“I’m beginning to hallucinate, for one,” he snapped.
Derek laughed and shook his head. “So what’s next?”
“That’s the problem. I don’t have a fucking clue.”
“Hmmm,” Derek pondered for a moment. “I might have some ideas.”

Annalise is an indie author writing contemporary romance with an erotic edge and a splash of suspense. Her romance novels are packed with twists and turns, emotional tugs of war, and a plethora of unapologetically dominant men and the women they crave.

Writing became a pastime when age-appropriate, sweet-romance books put her to sleep. The novels tucked in the bottom drawer of her mother’s dresser overflowed with lust, love, betrayal, and revenge—making for far better reads. VC Andrews’ imaginative and twisted stories started it all.

Annalise believes in “Work hard, play hard.” When she’s not working, she’s likely on a beach, under a palm tree, or where chips, salsa, and margaritas are being shared.

Welcome to her world… a place where sweet meets spicy, and where sassy stories come to kiss and tell.

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