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 Title: The Closer
 Author: Naomi Springthorp 

 I will always be your next and your last

Link: http://mybook.to/closer

You don’t choose love, it finds you…

Super D is the closer for the San Diego Seals. He’s been my best friend since college, but I haven’t seen him in years. My business partner is getting married. She’s convinced that D is the one for me and kicked me out of the office until I find out.

Angie is independent. She’s never needed a man. Men just get in the way. I’ve loved Ang since the day we met. No other woman compares. I’ll always be there for her. She’s not interested in me, or is she?

When love finds you, you don’t have a choice.


“You know who the one is?” She questions me and her voice gets higher pitched.

“Yes. I mean, I haven’t tested the theory. I’ve never kissed her or held her all night.”

Her voice is angry, “If there’s a woman out there for you, why haven’t you gone after her?”

“She lives far away and she’s never been interested in me.” The elevator opens and I lead her into my living room.

She stops in her tracks, not paying any attention to her surroundings, “Does she know how you feel?”

“She always seems to know everything.”

Author Bio: 

Naomi Springthorp released her debut novel, The Sweet Spot, An All About the Diamond Romance Book 1 in June 2018. Since then she has released a total of six books, with three more scheduled for release in 2019. In addition to baseball romance, she also writes other contemporary romance novels and novellas featuring music, firemen, and more.
Naomi is a born and raised Southern California girl. She lives with her husband and her feline fur babies. She believes that life has a soundtrack and half of the year should be spent cheering for her favorite baseball team.

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