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Out of My Element by CJ Allison
Love in the Smokies Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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❤️ Blurb:
Two lifestyles, one mountain – and love is about to create a rock slide. 


I’ve spent a long-time having others cater to my every whim. Who would’ve thought I’d need a break from that lifestyle? But I do, and I’m going to the most remote place I can stand to get it — The Great Smokey Mountains. The last thing I was looking for was love, but then Presley Ann comes crashing into my life and it’s like falling over the edge of a cliff. All I want is her and me together. But she isn’t willing to leave her life on this mountain top, and I can’t give up the company I spent my life building. But maybe showing her how great my lifestyle is will be enough to convince her to stay…or maybe it will push her away from me for good. 

Presley Ann 

After seven years with my high school sweetheart and the break up from hell, all I want is summer fun… and maybe a fling. That isn’t too much to ask for. When Logan, a hot-shot city CEO, comes trekking up my mountain to get away from his perfect life, I figure he’s just the guy to get me past my heartbreak. After all, we have nothing in common except one damned strong attraction. But he’s looking for forever, and I’m the furthest thing from the type of woman he’d want as a wife, and there’s no way this can work… But I want it too, until I go to his town, on his turf, and realize that this is the furthest thing from the mountains… and these people are far more vicious than the bears back home.

❤️ Author Info:
Avid book reader, beta reader turned author. Finding Patience is my debut book. 
This started as a bucket list item that took a life of its own. 
Who knew one book would lead to a series and more!
Love all Pittsburg sports teams.
Mother, Sister, Daughter, Introverted Extrovert.
Hopeless romantic at heart.

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