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Cover Reveal, Release Blitz & Blog Tour Sign Up 
True North by K.L. Ramsey
Second Chance Summer Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Reveal – May 1, 2019
Release Blitz – May 14 – 16, 2019
Blog Tour with Review Option – May 17 – May 22, 2019

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I found her.
She had no idea who she was, or any memory of her past. All she had was me.

For a year I was her everything, and she was mine. Fun-filled days, and passionate nights—we had it all.

Then one cruel twist of fate erased our entire year together. One second, and it was all gone.

Now she no longer remembers me. My name. My voice. My touch. Nothing. But I remember. I remember everything, and I refuse to let go.

My gut is telling me her past has finally caught up with her. Someone is trying to take her from me, but that won’t happen.

I’ll do everything I can to keep her. If I have to move heaven and hell to do it, I will.  

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Cover Reveal, Release Blitz & Blog Tour Sign Up 
THE CHASE by Jax Hart
A Billionaire searches for love.
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult Romance/ Dark Romance

Cover Reveal – May 6, 2019
Release Blitz – May 27 – 29, 2019
Blog Tour with Review Option – May 30 – June 3, 2019

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I was born this way.




Even men cower in my presence, sensing the danger in me.

So why does this slip of a girl invade my thoughts?

Somehow she got past my defenses… and the only way to regain control is to make her bend.

But when things don’t bend—they break.

She wouldn’t bend.

I refused to break.

From AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR, JAX HART comes a tale of cat and mouse. A story of a dangerous man and the lengths he goes to find the one woman who is an enigma to him.

***PART OF THE DOM DIARIES ANTHOLOGY*** By League of Extraordinary Authors

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Release Blitz & Blog Tour 
Struck in the Crossfire by Linny Lawless
Genre: MC Romance

Release Blitz – May 25 – 27, 2019
Blog Tour with Review option – May 28 – June 2, 2019

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A club member’s betrayal killed those that I loved, and revenge is the only justice you serve because that’s all you have left. You keep fighting and keep breathing, even when you’re empty of any soul. I had to fight and kill to earn the President patch of the BERZERKERS MC. We rule our criminal empire of underground fighting. Money and blood are all that’s important to me now. The brazen dark-haired spitfire named Izzy made a stupid choice to steal from my club and now I’m obligated to deal out her punishment and decide her fate. But it’s not easy when she ignites this basic primal need to protect her instead.

I survive this outlaw MC world of fighting, killing and gambling. It was the hand I was dealt in life. And when you’re desperate to keep the ones you love safe and alive, you will do anything. I come face-to- face with the devil himself – Stryker – the President of the BERZERKERS MC. His hard body is quick and lethal. His dark eyes are empty of any kindness or mercy. But there’s something else I do see in him, and it kindles a strange warmth straight to my shielded and tattered heart.

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