Title:  Denying Love
Series:  South Coast brothers #7
Author: Kacey Hamford
Release Date: March 1st

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 Eden’s life hasn’t been a walk in the park, with no family to speak of and a disabled son things are tough. When the Crusaders rally around her and make her feel like family, falling for the one guy who can’t seem to stick to one woman is probably not the best idea.
Tat has never denied himself anything. He has what he wants, when he wants and that doesn’t include commitment. When Eden waltzes into his life, she makes it clear she wants more than he is willing to give and won’t settle for anything less. Will he stop denying his true feelings and give Eden what she truly wants?
Will Tat accept his fate or will he keep Denying Love?


“Red!” Tat’s voice boomed as he continued to follow me. 
“Don’t call me that!” I fumed as I spun around to face him. 
“Well, you didn’t mind last night.” He smirked at me. 
“Yet another mistake I made.” I sighed. How did I get myself into this situation?
“What’s that supposed to me?” He reached out for me and I sidestepped him so he couldn’t touch me. 
“I can’t do this anymore, Tat. You’re only interested in getting me into bed along with any other girls. I deserve more, I deserve better.” I didn’t look away from him, I needed to be strong. Would he step up and claim me? Actually accept that he wanted me and stopped denying his feelings?
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