Title: Anchor
Author: Drew Sera 
Genre: Mafia/Romance/Suspense 
Series: Lust & Lies #2

When young Wesley was taken in by the Van Doorn family, he had no memory of life before “the docks.” They taught him three things…

Nothing comes before family.

Nothing comes before the family “business.”

There are no lengths they will not go to protect either. 

As one of their own helps Wesley to find, and piece together fragments of his past, he exposes a filthy secret. One that will turn Amsterdam inside out to uncover the truth, if need be. 

With a lucrative international contract on the line, the Van Doorns struggle to maintain supremacy, using any means necessary to outlast the other families. Not realizing that their greatest threat may come from within.

In a family shrouded in the shadows of lies and deceit, even the blackest sins can be uncovered…as long as you’re not afraid to enter the darkness.

Emotionally gripping dark romance is Drew’s niche. Drew is passionate about creating engaging characters that readers will fall for again and again.

Drew was born in Sin City and currently resides there. Her love of the city makes it a natural backdrop for many of her books.

Travelling, warm weather, and candy (particularly green M&M’s) are some of Drew’s favorite things.

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