Title: April Fool 
Author: Joy Wood 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: November 20th 

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Police Officer April Masters has one final job to do. And if she can pull it off, she’ll have the funds to send her son abroad for the treatment he so desperately needs to help him walk.

Working undercover on a plan developed by the Force and the insurance company, all she has to do is link wealthy gallery owner Dylan Rider to the theft of a stolen painting; her remit, posing as an ex-con, is to work as a cleaner at the gallery.

However, totally unprepared for Dylan Rider’s charm and charisma, April puts her integrity on hold and embarks upon an affair – only to bring him down in the end, she tells herself.

But someone is watching her.

Someone who knows who she really is . . . someone that could blow her cover.

The plan has to change.

She needs to become more resourceful.

Her son’s future depends on it.

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As a working nurse, Joy
Wood has been creating stories in her head for years, but never found
the time to do anything with them – life just got in the way
Five years ago, she was
made redundant and moved to the picturesque seaside town of
Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire. She loves nothing better than walking
along the sea front and thinking up ideas for stories. Her debut
novel ‘For the Love of Emily’ was written by Joy “just to see
if she could really,” – she had no idea it would sell like it did
and continues to do so. Joy is quick to point out it is most
definitely one for adults only! At various book signings, readers recognised
Joy from articles in local papers and suggested they’d
like a hospital romance, so she concentrated on ‘Knight & Dey’
a hospital romance with a difference. Someone dies on the first page,
but Joy hasn’t given away the gender of the victim, nor the gender
of the assailant. The idea is for the reader to engage with each
character in the book, trying to decide which one dies, and who did
Next came ‘Chanjori
House’ – a love story set in Scotland. Eve was in love with Rick
but he went away. Eleven years later he’s back, but she’s married
to his father. Sparks fly . . . revenge is a dish best served cold.
‘April Fool’ is Joy’s
4th novel and she is hoping readers will love it. April
Master is an undercover police officer trying to raise enough money
to send her son for surgery in the USA. Her remit is to expose the
dynamic and charismatic gallery owner who is behind the heists of
expensive oil paintings. She embarks on an affair with him – just
to bring him to justice
she tells herself. But is he too clever
for her . . . or is she too clever for him?  

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