Hard Wood

(Hard n’ Dirty)

Tara Crescent 

☙  Synopsis 
Cat Milnick’s Summer To-Do List

1. Get my new brewpub up and running.
2. Ignore the wickedly handsome Dom Wilde and his kinky furniture. 
3. No more carpenter puns. Screw and hammer. Tongue and groove. Nail gun.
4. Focus on the beer. 
5. Remember: If I fail, I’ll have to go back to working for my evil ex-boyfriend. 
6. Don’t get turned on when Dom calls me his little spitfire in his sexy, smoky growl.

And above all, don’t get too attached to his…ahem…‘hard wood.’

☙  Review 
Hard Wood is a sweet and sexy romance with a bit a spicy thrown in by Tara Crescent. The story takes place in the small town of Madison. 

Cat is a strong and determined woman. She moves to town to open a brewpub with her friend. Cat is a brew master. She is a very talented female beer maker. She is hoping for a fresh start after her ex-boyfriend stole her recipes. Cat is mostly working by herself on the brewpub while the deadline of the approaches. Cat doesn’t like conflict and avoids it at all costs.

Dom is a sexy and confident alpha male. Dom is also a very talented carpenter. He avoids relationships and likes to keep things casual. When there is a mixup with one of the deliveries, Dom meets Cat. 

After having a bad morning and then receiving the chair instead of the bar top, Cat gives Dom a piece of her mind. Dom loves Cat’s fire. He calls her spitfire. Dom offers to show Cat how the chair works. The chemistry between Cat and Dom is scorching hot. Both Dom and Cat are very hard working adult, who dedicated to their careers. They have to decide if they can keep things casual or if they even want to.

Hard Wood has a well written story with a unique storyline, intriguing and well-developed characters, romance, steamy scenes, and a sweet & bossy alpha male. I loved the chemistry between Dom and Cat. I adored this story and recommend it to others. 

Overall Story – 4 1/2 Stars
Chemistry – 5 Stars
POV – Dual POV
BDSM – Some, Very Light (blindfolds, etc)
Cliffhanger – No
Recommend to Others – Yes

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