Sometimes life has a way of steering you in a direction
you never expect it to go.
The thrilling conclusion to Kady and Rylan’s story is here.

Remedy by Stacey McCoy is now LIVE!


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Sometimes life has a way of steering you in a direction you never expect it to go. This is the situation Kady finds herself in now.
A decision has been made for her, stripping her of her humanity and her soul.
Now Kady must fight to the death to protect her father’s work and save her family and friends from her fianc√©, Rylan’s, ex-lover who everyone thought had been defeated.
Will the process of reanimating vampires continue into the future?
Will Kady & Rylan’s love survive the battle they now face?
Will Rylan’s ex-lover finally be vanquished?

PLEASE NOTE: Remedy is NOT a standalone novel. It is the conclusion to Kady and Rylan’s story, which begins in Reanimation and continues in Eradicate. You should read these two books prior to reading Remedy!

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“My name is Owen and I’ve come to give you a message from Savanah.”
Even her name chills my already frozen bones.
“What’s the message?” ask Rylan, as he steps forward to be by Lawrence’s side.
Owen remains silent as he stares intently at Rylan with dark blue eyes.
“What’s your problem pal? Cat got your tongue, or you just don’t hear too well. I asked you a question.”
The aggravation in Rylan’s voice has not gone unnoticed by any of us, but it seems to make Owen smirk, which pisses Rylan off more. I want to move to be by Rylan’s side in case he does something stupid like rush this Owen guy, but my actions might give Owen the wrong idea and he could rush us. Also, I need to be smart, there could be others hiding in the woods behind him. Sending one lone vampire out ahead of the rest like a sacrificial lamb would be Savanah’s style, but still I’ll bide my time and trust that Rylan will be safe with Lawrence and Darius by his side, but he’d make their lives a lot easier if he somehow let his testosterone levels drop slightly.
“Sorry, yes of course. Excuse me. The message is, you have five days, and then they’re coming for you. All of you.”
Owen doesn’t stick around to hear a reply he just leaves, and as he leaves I swear I witness him wink in Rylan’s direction before retreating to the relative safety of the thick forest behind him.
Out the corner of my eye I see Nora collapse to the ground, her knees giving out as if they are no longer there. I manage to grab her arm before her head hits the ground. Dad comes running and is by her side in an instant.
“God, Mom are you okay?”
“I’m fine. Sorry, he scared me that’s all. Honey what are we going to do?”


About Stacey:

Stacey McCoy is a happy farmer’s wife and a dedicated mother of two. Not only a writer, Stacey works part-time on her farm, helping to look after over 3500 sheep. She has only been writing since September 2014 but has found her passion and career choice doing something that she loves. Stacey writes because she wants to make people cry, laugh, feel every aching heartbreak and moment of pure elation and point of ecstasy her characters experience. She has plans to conquer the writing world – one romance novel at a time.

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