The One I Need
Alivia Grayson
Snakes Henchmen MC
Release Date: March 28th

The Snakes Henchmen MC runs a tight ship. We live by rules that are older than most of our members. Don’t hurt your woman or kids. Protect the innocent, take out the filth of the world. Our business is our own, we don’t need outside help from anyone. Ever!

Another rule is that you don’t go after the Prez’s daughter by pain of death. That’s fine by me, Willow is like a sister to me. But I didn’t bank on little Miss Nova returning after fifteen years. I didn’t bank on her stealing my heart. But now I have her, I’ll do anything to keep her. No matter what it takes.

Fifteen years I have longed to find the father my mother said was dead. When she finally gave up the truth, I knew I had to seek him out. My big brother too. I didn’t bank on finding four extra siblings and a stepmom.

I also didn’t bank on the giant of a man that has my panties in a twist every time I look at him. Tank is everything I swore I never wanted but everything I seem to need. He says he loves me, but how can he love a woman he’ll never really know?

The secret I hide from Tank and The Snakes Henchmen is one I must take to the grave.

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