An Art of Eros Novel
Kenzie Macallan 
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Secrets. Lies. A disappearance.
“That’s when I began to question everything about him and my marriage.”
Marabella has the picture perfect life. But she lives behind a wall she created to protect herself, hiding her horrible secret. When her husband dies under mysterious circumstances she feels lost and broken. She begins to question everything. Her sisters provide support as her life begins to unravel. Fighting to find the light, she’s unwilling to continue to live in the dark. While vacationing in Mexico, she senses a stalker. She encounters Mac, a rogue Scotsman who pushes her limits.
MacGregor has secrets of his own. After his own tragedy and loss, he avoids any true connections. Usually a hit-and-run kind of guy, Marabella has him second-guessing his ways. He begins to see the woman behind the wall. She builds a bond with him that’s hard to ignore. But his last secret may destroy what he wants with her.
Will Marabella choose to finally remove the blindfold to find her strength, transforming from victim to fighter? Can Mac rescue her before the stalker kills her after getting what they want?

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About The Author:

Kenzie lives with her husband in New England and is a huge dog lover. She has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to places like Africa, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, France, England and, of course, Scotland. Edinburgh is one of her favorite places.
It’s all led to an overactive imagination. Creativity seems to be part of her soul as she paints portraits, takes photographs, and bakes. They have all added to her storytelling especially when writing about strong women and alpha men. She looks forward to adding to her adventures and her readers.
She loves to hear from her fans.
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