Into the Darkness

Book 1 (The Briggs Brothers)

Christina Marie 


Ace Briggs ~ 21-year-old college student and star cornerback for So.Cal University. He’s not only the best player on the field he’s also the best player off the field with the women. It’s all fun and games for Ace until his actions off the field threaten to end his football career. 
Julia Steele ~ 31-year-old world famous artist. Faced with the hardest choice of her life when she finds out that her husband, Curk, of 7 years has been cheating on her…with numerous women. A divorce is the last thing Curk wants to give Julia though.

To keep from being kicked out of school and off of the football team, and watch his dreams of ever playing in the NFL be destroyed Ace is required to attend Julia’s art classes. 

She’s nothing like the other women Ace has slept with. 

He’s nothing like the man she married. 

Ace has a dark past.

Julia has a broken heart. 

When they come face to face, sparks fly. They both find themselves unable to resist their attraction to each other. 

They agreed on one night together. But for Ace, one night wasn’t enough. 

There’s no turning back.
There’s no denying what they feel for each other.
There’s no stopping the storms that brew between them. 

Until they both fall ‘Into the Darkness’

Into the Darkness (BOOK 1)




Author Info
A little about me, Christina Marie; 
I started writing and self-published my first book, Accidentally Falling, in September 2013. All of my books contain strong sexual content, some find that a good thing while others wrinkle their noses up at it. 
I love writing and telling the story that characters want to be told. Even if it comes to me in the middle of the night, I’ll type out a quick note and promise to get the story told. 
If I’m not writing I’m reading, if I’m not doing one of those 2 things I’m spending time with my amazing husband and our two wonderful kids. The older they get (almost junior high age) the busier our lives get, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We love spending time with our family and friends, it’s a guarantee that at some point we will start insulting each other just for a good laugh!
I hope that you’ll read one of my books and recommend them to your family and friends, I love getting feedback–good or bad. Can’t have one without the other…right? 
Please feel free to find me on social media, I enjoy visiting with new readers. 
Thank you to all of you that have supported me since I started this journey, XOXO, and Thank You to all the readers that continue to support me by reading, reviewing, and sharing my books.
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