Book Blitz:
An Unexpected Love
(Hudson Brothers PI Book 1)
J Haney
Feb 5th – Feb 12th


Their worlds were fused together by a single ringing of the telephone.

Kyler Jefferson was just sixteen when her family was brutally murdered. Left pregnant and alone she has been running for nearly a decade from place to place, terrified that one day they would be found by the mysterious caller with sinister intentions.

Since the deaths of his mother and sister, Caleb Hudson has been living the bachelors life. As a private investigator he usually handles cheating spouses and missing persons, which suits him just fine. While investigating a routine case he finds himself thrust into Kylers life, consumed by a profound need to protect her from a past he knows nothing about.

They are two people going down separate roads; one running for her life, the other trying to maintain whats left of his own. How can they preserve their lives when fate has decided she has other plans? 


Get Caught Up In The Suspense & Romance 

    An Unexpected Love is a story with suspense, romance, intrigue, and passion. This story will have you laughing and crying along with the characters. An Unexpected Love has great flow and will engage the reader from the start. 

    Kyler’s family was murdered when she was a pregnant teenager. Ever since, she has been running and always looking over her shoulder. Kyler was afraid that the mysterious caller would find her and her twins. 

    Caleb is a Private Investigator. He is a confirmed bachelor since the death of his mother and sister. Caleb meets Kyler one day while investigating a case. He realizes something is wrong and knows that he has to help. Caleb becomes protective of Kyler and her children. 

    An Unexpected Love is an outstanding Romantic Suspense. I love the chemistry between Caleb and Kyler. I appreciate how strong and determined Kyler was after all she had been through. An Unexpected Love is my first book by Jess Haney. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Overall – 4 Stars
Chemistry – 4 Stars
POV – Alternating POV’s
Cliffhanger – Yes
Recommend to Others – Yes

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