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Brothers of Fang 
The Power of the Hybrid
Iris Sweetwater

I am so excited to share with you today a really awesome release, especially if you are a fan of romance, witches, or werewolves. This is the final installment in the Brothers of Fang series, a PNR series featuring some hot werewolves and magical witches.

I also have a pretty cool secret to share…..wait for it….
In honor of this release, the very first book in the series has been made 99 cents for a very limited time so that you can start the journey from the beginning. 

Find them all here:


Join Annalise, Isaiah, and their children in the final journey of the Brothers of Fang series.

Annalise and Isaiah have had a decade of peace ruling over the now combine Olympia pack and coven. But now, with three naturally born hybrid children in their household, they fear that both the children’s uncontrollable powers and those wishing to take that power and use it, will pose a new threat that no one is prepared for.

Soon, the children are missing, and a sinister plot unfolds involving a demonic entity that the world has not seen since almost the beginning of time. Annalise, Isaiah, and their hybrid clan must fight to the death to save their children, and the world, from the original evil that is upon them. Who will be lost in the great battle, and what new love will be found in the rubble?

About Iris:

Iris Sweetwater has been writing most of her life, completing her first poems and short stories when she was only five years old. Writing has always been in her blood, and she is also a lover of reading. Her favorite genres to both read and write have always been fantasy and paranormal, having always been a huge fan of JK Rowling, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare.
She has worked in the writing industry in many capacities throughout her life including educating children in both Journalism and Creative Writing. She has been in content marketing and ghostwriting for almost seven years. 

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